What is our purpose?
To help rational long-term investors make optimal decisions in the stock market by providing relevant data in a visualized format that is easy to digest.
The tool we have created as a hobby project served us well in our investment-decision-making process, both in finding investment candidates and further researching them. It has freed us from the overhead of reviewing 5-6 different websites and performing manual calculations or paying 500+ dollars for different services.
As this was a useful addition to our lives, both for saving time and gaining more confidence in our investments, we wanted to make it even better, more professional and available to everyone. That's when we decided to develop a database and a web application for ourselves and for everyone else who finds value in it.
To whom is the site useful?
Our services can be useful for individual investors who have some experience in the stock market. We aim to fulfill the needs of dividend, value and growth investors as well, even though the current version is mainly for dividend investors.
Where did the iO Charts name come from?
Io is the third largest moon of Jupiter and the fourth largest in the solar system. This is where our slogan “Shoot for the moon” comes from, which is about your personal investment goals that we are hoping our site can help you achieve.
Technical information
We use a financial data provider called EOD Historical Market Data. The database is refreshed on a daily basis.
In case of any further questions or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us at support@iocharts.io or click on any of the Contact Support buttons throughout the site.
We hope you'll enjoy using the site and that it can support you in finding your next investment opportunity!